Current Group Members

Evan Bieske has been at the University of Melbourne since 1995. His research mainly entails using laser spectroscopy to investigate the properties of charged molecules, complexes, clusters and nanoparticles in the gas-phase. These research interests were initiated during PhD studies, under the supervision of A.E.W. Knight at Griffith University, Australia, and extended while working as a research fellow with J.P. Maier in Basel, Switzerland. When not working he prefers to clamber about on rock faces, an activity he undertakes at a progressively lower level. He is currently an ARC Australian Professorial Fellow.

Vik Dryza completed his PhD studies in 2008, working under the supervision of Greg Metha at Adelaide University, Australia. His PhD project entailed measuring ionisation potentials of transition metal clusters to derive structural insights. Currently he is studying the electronic spectroscopy of molecular ions of astrophysical interest in the tandem mass spectrometer, together with the time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy of dye-sensitised nanoparticles in the ion trap (while waiting to be drafted to play basketball in the NBA).

Brian Adamson is undertaking his PhD focusing on combining ion mobility mass spectrometry and laser spectroscopy. He completed joint BSc (Honours, Chemistry) and B. Eng. degrees at the University of Melbourne. His Honours project was concerned with using an AFM cantilever to measure optoacoustic IR spectra.
Jessica Nguyen is undertaking her Masters degree with a research project concerning the trapping and probing nanodiamonds in the gas phase. Aside from her interests in chemistry she has an unnatural fascination with Sheffield Shield cricket.
Julian Sanelli has joint BSc and BEng degrees. He has taken the plunge and is undertaking a PhD on ion spectroscopy.
Samuel Pinches is an undergraduate student, working with the group as a research assistant to resolve technical and spiritual issues.
Nahid Chalyavi completed her PhD with Tim Schmidt at the University of Sydney in 2012.

Past Group Members

Berwyck Poad completed his PhD in 2009, moving on to work with Stephen Blanksby at Wollongong and then Bob Continetti at San Diego.
Philip Wearne completed his PhD in 2011. He is currently working in Melbourne as a consultant.
Adam Trevitt is a Lecturer at the University of Wollongong. His research interests encompass radical-Neutral gas phase chemistry, biodiesel-fuel combustion chemistry, synchrotron photoionization mass spectrometry, and single microparticle/microdroplet laser-based characterisation.
Rosemary Wilson works with Agilent in Melbourne.
Chris Thompson is currently a Lecturer in Chemistry at Monash University. His current research involves tandem mass spectrometry of ion-molecule reactions, high resolution synchrotron spectroscopy of small molecules and computational chemistry.
Corinna Emmeluth now works as a research scientist with Merck GMBH in Darmstadt.
Zoe Loh is investigating carbon capture technologies with the CSIRO in The Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research, Aspendale Melbourne.
Duncan Wild is currently an Assistant Professor at University of Western Australia.

Sabbatical Visitors

Francois Amar
Jim Lisy
Gary Weddle
Mike Schuder